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Cory W. Smith, O.D.

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Dr. Cory Smith was born and raised in Manassa, CO in the San Luis Valley. He graduated with Cum Laude honors from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. and was named Clinician of the Year in his first year of school. His medical story serves as an inspiration to our Rocky Mountain Eye Center staff.

Dr. Smith has a unique medical path starting his career with the center as a technician. He initially joined RMEC because of its local reputation as an outstanding eye care facility. Yet, as his passion for eye care evolved, the staff rallied behind him as he made the choice to pursue his doctorate degree.

He experienced firsthand how the sharing of medical expertise not only made the company better equipped for diverse patient care, but it also helped the medical team learn from each other to reach a higher level of care. Rocky Mountain Eye Center is one of the only facilities in Southern Colorado that specializes in every aspect of eye care from standard exams to complex eye disease and medical surgeries.

After two years in Honduras for a missionary project, Dr. Smith returned to the United States fluent in Spanish. His compassionate care and ability to conduct a complete eye exam bilingually, make him invaluable to our Spanish speaking patients.


Dr. Smith’s passion lies in specialty contact lenses for patients with unique vision needs. He can help patients with diseased corneas due to keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, dry eyes, and other eye problems improve their sight with state-of-the-art lens devices that are custom fit to an individual’s eye.


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Golf, family, hunting, fishing, archery, and shooting, are among Dr. Smith’s life enjoyments.  Married with five children, and now grandchildren, Colorado’s mild climate allows him to enjoy the outdoors often and spend time helping his local church. 

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What personal history helped you become a better eye doctor?

“I worked as a technician for an ophthalmologist before going to school to become an optometrist.  Because of this experience, I was able to learn quickly and dive deeper into my studies. Finding the root cause of a vision problem and knowing we have a staff of medical doctors that can meet any need brings me great pride. Specialty contact lenses provide me with additional tools to improve the sight of some of my most visually challenged patients.  It’s a true joy for me to see a patient’s life change because of the proper treatment for their vision.  I have spent my life serving and helping others; this is just another way that I can accomplish that.”  

Describe that first time you knew that being an eye care doctor was your calling.

“I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to work in the medical field.  I wanted to be active in an industry that allowed me to help others. Eye care suited my goals best. As I learned more and dug deeper into my studies, it affirmed my love for eye care.  That choice allowed me daily do something I love surrounded by wonderful colleagues who I admire. There is nothing more rewarding than to watch professionals come together to serve others.”

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