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Why Personalized Fit Safety Eyewear from Rocky Mountain Eye Center?

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Compliance Approved Fit

“It doesn’t fit right,” or “it’s uncomfortable” are the responses 30% of safety pros hear most often when they ask workers why they aren’t wearing their personal protective equipment. Rocky Mountain Eye Center’s fit specialists make sure employees chose adequate protection that meets safety program standards including a comfortable firm fit.

Compliance approved fittings protect against safety eyewear failure by securing fit-to-face sizing that eliminates loose or slipping eyewear. When employees have comfortable fitting eyewear they are more likely to wear their safety gear and reduce overall safety risks.

Longer Shift Wear

Rocky Mountain Eye Center fit specialists also measure if safety glasses are a good match for the employee. The stress of starting a new position can compound employee adjustment periods needed for safety glass wear. Employee safety glass matching improves an employee’s adaptability to new glasses and increases the length which glasses are worn.

Studies have shown that 34% of employees that remove safety eyewear will forget to put it back on.

Fit Specialists Measure

Enhanced Productivity

High-quality, professional fittings at Rocky Mountain Eye Center can increase productivity by properly adjusting safety wear to help reduce eye strain symptoms including tired or burning eyes, blurry vision, headaches, and dizziness.

Proper Fit Enables:

Money Saving

Professional fit safety eye wear can last for close to two years and possibly longer, depending on the need of prescription changes. Additions like anti-scratch coatings on safety eyewear lenses can dramatically extend the life of the glasses and can prove to be more economical than one-size-fits all eye programs. Throw-away safety eyewear tend to cost more due to the high replacement activity of employees trying to correct easily scratched and pitted lenses.

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Eye Safety Checklist

Source: 2018 Vision Service Plans

Create a safe work environment.

Evaluate safety hazards.

Wear the proper eye and face protection.

Use smart workplace safety practices.

First Aid for Eye Injuries

Sources: Prevent Blindness America, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Specks in the Eye

Cuts, Punctures, and Foreign Objects in the Eye

Chemical Burns

Blows to the Eye

For Eye Emergencies Seek Immediate Medical Attention.

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