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Coating Options

A clear scratch coating can be added to basic plastic lenses, offering a one year warranty against scratching under normal conditions.

A clear ultraviolet filter can be added to basic plastic lenses. This acts like sunscreen for your eyes.

Polycarbonate and high index lenses include both of these features.

A one year warranty scratch coating is also available, called TD2. This is a front and back side coating, more durable than the regular scratch coating.

Anti-reflective or anti-glare treatments are much different today than even a few years ago. They are very easy to clean; repel dirt, water and oil and offer superior scratch resistance. It is not really a coating, as in many cases it is actually bonded to the lens at the molecular level and cannot peel off. AR, as it called, reduces halos around lights at night; glare from headlights, computer screens and fluorescent lights; and increases the amount of light available to your eye under all conditions. Super hard scratch protection is included with a one year protective warranty. A UV filter completes the treatment. Crizal Avancé is the anti-reflective treatment of choice at Rocky Mountain Eye Center. Endura EZ is offered as a low cost alternative.

Eyeglass lenses with and without anti-glare coating

Colorful mirror coatings are available for sunglasses. Silver and gold are the most popular, but black, red, blue and others are available also.

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