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Eye Exams

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Safeguarding Your Vision

Preventive. comprehensive eye exams play a large part in maintaining good healthy vision. For many patients early intervention is key to recognizing eyesight changes that if left untreated may lead to long-term irreversible vision loss.  To protect your vision, a yearly eye exam with a licensed professional is encouraged.

Asymptomatic Identification

Yearly exams are particularly important to identify eye concerns that show little to no symptoms of being problematic. Thorough exams by skilled optometrists allow your eye structure to be analyzed and evaluated in line with family history, job hazards, or other necessary personal information to quickly identify small changes that may be signs of something more significant. 

Having an ongoing relationship with an eye doctor that regularly assesses your sight enables you to create a baseline of care so that the eyecare provider can more readily isolate serious threats to your eye health.

Immediate Treatment

Should your vision require an immediate treatment plan, Rocky Mountain Eye Center employs a wealth of specialty providers that can ensure you are treated properly. From simple eyeglass needs to more complex surgical solutions, the staff at Rocky Mountain Eye Center has years of valuable experience treating all types of eye concerns. With prompt, early treatment patients improve their ability to preserve eyesight that they might have otherwise been in jeopardy of losing.

See Life Better

Routine exams are a great way to improve clarity and overall quality of life. When vision is impaired even slightly, routine life moments can become more challenging than necessary. Think about it. You use your sight for everything you do; driving, reading, playing sports, the list is endless.

With regular screenings you can reduce overall long-term healthcare costs associated with eye problems that have been left untreated.  Early intervention also improves the ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks easily elevating your quality of life.  Many people experience such gradual changes in vision that you may not even realize how greatly your vision has been impacted until you receive a screening.

Frequency of Exams

Many insurance companies allow for one yearly eye sight evaluation. Certainly, adults should be seen at least every two-to-three years, with those over 40 yearly. If you are style conscious regular exams allow you the opportunity to update your look and maintain a stylish appearance as new designers are regularly updating eyeglass frames. Your age from child to senior, will require different recommendations to maintain your best health.

General Eye Health

Besides visual acuity Rocky Mountain Eye Center doctors will also check for more serious eye diseases that develop as we age. If a doctor senses you may be vulnerable to any of these, a treatment or lifestyle plan may be recommended.

Optometrists will check for:

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