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Contact Lens FAQs

Contact Lenses

Why am I being charged for my contact lens evaluation?

Contact lenses are medical devices that sit directly on the eyes. They must be evaluated every year to maintain good eye health. This is a separate service from the exam or test for glasses. The evaluation is required to receive a contact lens prescription

I’ve never had to pay this before. Is this a new thing?

No. Fitting/Evaluation fees (contact lens exam services) have always been in effect.

How much will I have to pay?

That depends on what course of treatment the doctor determines you need, which type of lens you require and how many follow up visits you are likely to have.

Will I have to pay this fee for each visit?

No. The fit fee covers your follow up visits for up to 60 days.

How can I find out if my insurance covers this fee?

Most insurances do not cover this fee. Some insurances incorporate a discount to the member. We will be happy to call your insurance regarding your plan benefits or you can access them directly by going to their website or calling the number on the back of your card.

Can’t I just order online and bypass an exam?

Federal Law mandates that contact lens vendors must verify the accuracy and validity of an Rx with the provider before selling them to you. If your prescription is expired or nearing expiration, RMEC will deny or limit the amount of lenses requested.

My prescription doesn’t expire for a few months. Can I order enough supply for a year?

You may not be able order a full year, but we may allow a minimum supply order.

My prescription expired more than a month ago and I need to order more. What should I do?

Call us to schedule your appointment.

I had an appointment, but it was re-scheduled by RMEC and now I need more contacts. Can I get another pair?

Please call us, we will try to accommodate you based on your need. In most cases we can get you a pair of lenses until your upcoming appointment.

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