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Paul D. Rastrelli, M.D.

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Paul Rastrelli, M.D. began his medical training at the University of Texas at Houston where he received his MD in 1994. He went on to become the Ophthalmology student of the year at UT-Houston. His Ophthalmology Residency was completed at the Oschner Clinic in New Orleans, LA.

He later partnered with Rocky Mountain Eye Center in 2002 because he wanted to take part in a very reputable practice that delivers outstanding eye care. Through RMEC, he delivers eye care to a diverse and underserved patient population in Northern New Mexico and throughout Southern Colorado.

He is a Board Certified physician that has been providing patient-centered eye care for over 20 years, including over 10,000 procedures. Dr. Rastrelli is the medical director for Rocky Mountain Laser & Surgery Center; sister company to RMEC where he is also a managing partner.


Well practiced in cataract and laser procedures, Dr. Rastrelli has experienced great success in the operating room. He specializes in multifocal premium implants, helping to restore vision in diabetics and macular degeneration patients and has a passion for preserving vision in glaucoma patients.


Dr. Rastrelli stays current by remaining an active member of the following organizations:


Dr. Rastrelli and his wife have four children, two boys and two girls. They all appreciate how Colorado has all four seasons, sometimes in one day. They appreciate the slower pace, and love being on “mountain standard time” aka lodge time. In his off time, Dr. Rastrelli is an active member in his church and enjoys racquet sports, spending time in his garden, trying new recipes cooking and vacationing.

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When did you know you wanted to be an eye doctor?

“I was in my third year of medical school attending a lunch-lecture on ocular trauma.  I walked out of that session obsessed with Ophthalmology. Now, as I have experienced my own need for eye surgery, I honestly believe it has made me a more empathetic physician.”

Why did you choose Colorado to practice eye care?

“I’m a Texas native. When I married Karen we honeymooned in Colorado. We were immediately drawn to the state and all it has to offer. From the lack of pollution and traffic, to the low crime rate and peaceful living. When it came time to decide where to practice, it was no question. Colorado is where we wanted to be.”

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