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Nathan R. Stevens, D.O.

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Dr. Nathan Stevens hails from Montana and completed his medical school at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri. He completed his residency training in the United States Army at the joint Army/Air Force program in San Antonio, Texas.

In looking for a practice to join, he specifically sought out larger group practices like RMEC within the Western US to remain close to family in Montana and Washington. He appreciates the RMEC service model and its long-lasting relationship building with patients.

Along with the diversity of the physicians at RMEC, Dr. Stevens finds joy in deep discussions with the medical team because of their vast array of experience. His respect for his colleagues and his desire to care for those underserved in our regional communities provides him with a high level of satisfaction in his role as an ophthalmologist.

After many years in a solo practice, Dr. Stevens finds group practice valuable knowing that in case of his absence his patients are still receiving the highest level of care.


Dr. Stevens finds cataract surgery to be the most fun, challenging and fulfilling part of his work. While some cases can be very difficult, he finds that those cases are the ones that make the most impact on improving a patient’s vision. It humbles him to recognize that a twenty to thirty-minute surgery and a little bit of healing time can take a patient from legally blind to precision vision. This realization is what keeps him wanting to increase his skills so that he can help even more people.


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Dr. Stevens is active in his local church and strives to participate in a medical mission trip a least once a year


Dr. Stevens grew up in Billings, Montana, where he had his own practice, so when it came time to relocate, he was looking for a climate similar to Billings, yet not quite as cold. He loves the cool mornings, dry air and hiking opportunities throughout Southern Colorado. He does enjoy getting outside for a walk or hike for exercise.
He and his wife of 25 years have 3 fantastic kids. When not in the office, Dr. Stevens loves to be in the kitchen, trying out all sorts of new recipes. He has some “go to” Chinese dishes, and his repertoire is expanding every year. He especially enjoys baking breads and desserts and is excited to master baking at higher altitudes.

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What personal history helped you become a better eye doctor?

“My Christian faith is of central importance in my life and guides my desire to do well in all aspects of my life, whether it be as a husband, father or eye doctor. My belief in something larger than myself provides hope and optimism in every situation.”

Describe that first time you knew that being an eye care doctor was your calling.

“What drew me to eye care is a ministry called Mercy Ships that goes to poor port cities all over the developing world and performs life changing surgeries of all kinds on the ship, including cataract surgery. I found it very appealing to be able to make such a huge difference in peoples’ lives doing short-term missions work.”

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