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Michael W. Coatney, D.O

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Michael Coatney, D.O. is a Pueblo native that graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri where he was listed among the top five in his class. He was a resident at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado and is recognized as one of the founders of Rocky Mountain Eye Center.

His military service qualifies the company as a veteran-led facility and speaks to his diverse medical training. Dr. Coatney’s service to his country is the basis for his need to ensure all of Southern Colorado receives access to excellent medical eye treatment.

An advocate of education, Dr. Coatney continues to be an active voice of leadership within the organization focusing on valuable medical advancements that keep the center as a frontrunner in innovative eye technology. As a believer in collaboration, Dr. Coatney is driven to use the group’s combined strength and resources to provide Southern Colorado with services that go beyond those available by individually-owned practices.


Over his three decades of practice, Dr. Coatney has built knowledge in every study of eye care medicine. His specialty interest focuses on cataract and refractive surgery. He is noted as one of the first regional doctors to offer premium intraocular lens technology to his patients.


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Family is important to Dr. Coatney. He is married with three grown children and five grandchildren. He is a Pueblo South graduate and feels blessed to have been able to build a business in his hometown where he appreciates Colorado’s mild climate. He enjoys gardening, skiing, and actively serving in his local church. Admittedly however, he says golf is by far his favorite activity.

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What personal history helped you become a better eye doctor?

I had worn glasses from fourth grade until I had refractive surgery in the early 90’s. Honestly, I likely needed glasses much sooner than I realized. By the time I was in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. All of those yearly eye exams helped show me the importance vision plays in leading your best life possible.

Describe that first time you knew that being an eye care doctor was your calling.

I was hooked on ophthalmology as an intern. Once you experience real patient happiness, the kind that comes from helping a patient see better, you realize you have more than a job; you have purpose and significance. As true as that is, it is even greater when you are able to restore the vision of cataract patient whose life has dramatically improved because of what you had to offer. That is a job worth doing for the rest of your life.

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