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Brandon J. Tibbitts, O.D.

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Dr. Brandon Tibbitts completed his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Brigham Young University and his Doctorate of Optometry at Southern College of Optometry. While in optometry school, he gained honors for excellent patient care. After graduation, Dr. Tibbitts completed a one-year residency at the VA Hospital in Memphis, TN where he received advanced training in ocular disease, management, and treatment. Dr. Tibbitts credits his VA training as some of the most valuable hands-on education he received as a doctor.


Dr. Tibbitts joined Rocky Mountain Eye Center’s rural services team to offer continuity of care and coordinated healthcare response for those with more complex care needs like diabetes, hypertension and other systemic disease that require more than just the attention of a primary care provider. Practicing as a rural eye care provider, Dr. Tibbitts enjoys being able to practice eye care to the fullest extent of his training knowing that he and his patients are working toward the success of their long-term health.

While serving rural communities, Dr. Tibbitts regularly addresses routine eye care, but his true passion lies in helping patients who struggle with dry eyes, corneal disease like keratoconus, and those in need of specialty contact lens fittings. He also enjoys focusing on surgical co-management for cataracts, glaucoma, LASIK, ocular surface and lid, retina and vitreous patients.


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Southern Colorado not only gives Dr. Tibbitts a beautiful place to live, it also serves as good middle ground between his extended family in Utah and Texas. Coming from a large metropolitan, he particularly enjoys Colorado’s wide open spaces, friendly neighbors and close-knit mountain communities.

He is a supportive husband and loving father to five active children. He takes no greater joy than family life; helping with house duties, assisting with school work, attending performances or sporting events, church activities, and yes, occasionally sleeping. You might even find him teaching school science clubs about wonders of the eye.

Dr. Tibbitts loves hiking, and if he had no other responsibilities, you would find him lying next to a mountain river looking up at the sky. The woods, nature, and visiting places he has never been are common conversations with his patients as they compare notes for their next adventure.

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What personal history helped you become a better eye doctor?

“I grew up helping both my father and mother in their work duties; my father in retail and my mother in an office setting. I feel fortunate to have been taught to work hard and value of my employment. Most importantly, they taught me how vital each client is to your success. My patients are my friends – each with unique qualities that make them special to me. My hope is that each person who visits our office leaves knowing that we truly care for them and their vision health.”

Describe that first time you knew that being an eye care doctor was your calling.

“I became truly excited for my career during my 4th year of school.  During my clinical experience, I was able to apply my schooling to real-world patients.  The transformation of clinical knowledge into problem solving that improved my patient’s eye sight brought joy and excitement to my work day.  It solidified my decision to enter this profession.”

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