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Maximize Sports Performance with Innovative Lens Technology

Posted by: Rocky Mountain Eye Center in News on February 21, 2020

Americans take their sports seriously and in order to find your utmost potential you have to be looking for that next competitive edge. Sports performance eyewear is the newest wearable technology elevating player’s potential. Millions of dollars have been invested by sports performance companies’ like Oakley to open new doors in vision enhancing sports equipment.

How Does it Work?

Special lens altering technology allows players to see moving objects like balls faster by using light and tints to enhance the image of the ball and separate it from distracting backgrounds.  Likewise, the technology can discern shadows and other landscape differences allowing for quicker response times.

Who Can Use it?

Professional athletes in all sport arenas including MLB, NBA, and NHL have tested the technology in recent years and now it is available to children and adult athletes outside the professional level. From the Majors Leagues to Little Leagues, sports performance lenses are an edgy technology giving a competitive advantage to athletes around the globe.

What Are the Benefits?

Vision drives performance. Every athlete, even those who do not wear glasses, want to perform at the top of their game. This innovative technology does not require a prescription, but can be adapted to support vision correction if needed. This universal personalization makes sports vision enhancement available to anyone with a desire for optimized performance.

How is Vision Technology Personalized for Fit and Performance?

Each athlete requires specialized attention to maximize vision enhancement lenses. Athletes identify their sport and indoor or outdoor need. Custom tint lenses are selected by the specialty vision requests of the athlete. Prescriptions, if needed, are applied next. Finally, an athlete’s head gear and impact protection are reviewed to achieve the designer look the athlete desires.  

Who Offers Sports Performance Lens Technology?

Rocky Mountain Eye Center is the only vision care specialist in Southern Colorado offering complete designer sport performance lenses that are customized for the unique fit, comfort, and style of the athlete. Sports performance lens specialists are available by walk-in or appointment to help you select the best performance lenses for your athlete.

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