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Back To School

Posted by: Rocky Mountain Eye Center in News on April 7, 2020

Many parents buy essentials for their children when they are going back to school. However, most parents don’t think about getting their child’s eyes checked as a critical part of their school year success.  

Imagine learning something new if you couldn’t see clearly.  Studies have shown that 80% of what a child learns is presented visually. Without clear vision your child’s success in the classroom could be severely limited. That’s why Rocky Mountain Eye Center offers regular eye exams for children at all of our locations.

Regular Eye Exams Promote:

Poor performance academically, decreased confidence, and a hard-time making adjustments when the seating chart changes may indicate problems with your child’s eyesight.

If your child displays any of the following signs, they would benefit from an eye exam:

If you fear your child may have some vision problems, Rocky Mountain Eye Center is here to help. Start your child’s new school year with the best possible eye sight. We are affordable so that you can watch your child prosper in school without worry. 

Getting your child’s eyes checked will give you confidence that you are sending your child off to school with the best possible opportunities to learn and your child’s confidence will soar.  

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