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6 Signs You Are Ready for Contact Lenses This Summer

Posted by: Rocky Mountain Eye Center in News on July 21, 2023

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to decide how you will take advantage of the long sunny days and clear starry nights! Whether packing up your gear for some outdoor adventures or picking out the books you’ll be reading as you laze about on a beach, one thing you’d probably like to leave behind this summer is your prescription glasses.

Your summer plans can be glasses-free if you are ready for contact lenses! Contact lenses are a convenient, comfortable alternative to glasses. With contact lenses, it only takes a few minutes to enjoy crisp, clear vision all day long. 

Are you wondering if trying out contact lenses may be right for you? Keep reading to learn 6 signs you’re ready to give contact lenses a shot this summer! 

1. You’re Tired of Wearing Glasses

While your glasses help you see your world in clear focus, you may have begun to think of them as a hindrance rather than a help. Whether you constantly lose your glasses or find your favorite pair suddenly pinches your nose, you may decide you’re tired of wearing glasses.

Contact lenses free you from all the things you dislike about wearing glasses. When you try contact lenses this summer, you can have all the same vision-correcting benefits offered by glasses, but without the hassles. If you’re tired of frames that have worn out their welcome, contact lenses can help you see without visible boundaries to hold you back.

2. You Live an Active Lifestyle

If you are looking forward to spending your summer outdoors, right now might be the right time to switch from glasses to contact lenses. Getting into activities like swimming and mountain biking is much easier when you don’t have to worry about relying on a pair of glasses to see clearly. 

You don’t have to think about if your glasses will fall down your face or if you’ll lose them while you’re being active. When enjoying the great outdoors while wearing contact lenses, you can do everything you love without needing prescription glasses to correct your vision. 

With contact lenses, that scenic view at the end of a hike is clear from when you hit the peak without digging around in your pack for your glasses. You can also say so long to prescription sunglasses and switching to them when the sun gets too much. 

Contact lenses are the way to go if you want to enjoy cute sunglasses while protecting your eyes!

3. You are Ready to Take on Contact Lens Management

Where glasses are relatively low maintenance, contact lenses require a higher commitment to proper use and care. With the coming of the lazy days of summer, you might suddenly have the time and motivation to take on the maintenance responsibilities that come with wearing contact lenses.

Proper contact lens care starts with your hands. Before putting in your contact lenses, you must wash your hands and then wash your hands after taking them out to avoid spreading harmful bacteria. 

You must also remove and clean your contact lenses (or throw them away if you wear dailies) before sleeping. You should never sleep in your contact lenses unless you wear extended-wear contact lenses approved for overnight use.

4. You Have a Stable Prescription

If you are ready to switch from glasses to contact lenses, one vital factor to consider is how stable your prescription is. Patients should have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for at least a year before using contact lenses. 

Having stable vision is most ideal before you start wearing contact lenses. Your vision is more likely to change at certain points in your life.  

Waiting until you have a stable prescription ensures your contact lens prescription is accurate and that your lens can provide you with long-lasting, clear vision. 

5. You are Looking to Change Your Appearance

Is it time to update your look this summer? Your first and most dramatic change could be getting rid of your old glasses and trying contact lenses!

While glasses can be a statement of your style, wearing the same pair year after year can make you feel like your style is in a rut. Replacing your glasses with contact lenses can open your face to a new world of beauty and style possibilities.

When you have contact lenses, you can be bolder and more daring with makeup or try a new haircut that shows off more of your face. Without frames to hide behind, people can finally see every inch of who you are!

6. You Want to Look Your Best for Summer Weddings 

Summertime means going to summer weddings. But getting into the moment can be challenging, including shedding a tear or two if you’re wearing glasses.

Wearing contact lenses will allow you to have the freedom you want. Getting a little emotional has never been easier. 

Glasses may get foggy if you start crying in the middle of the ceremony, or they’ll get dirty if you have to touch them to take them off your face. But when you wear contact lenses, you don’t have to worry about if your frames are in the way, if they will fly off, or if they clash with your outfit. 

Sit back and enjoy the vows while taking everything in with crystal clear clarity, thanks to your contact lenses! Summertime was made for enjoying yourself, not worrying about your visual aids misbehaving.

Whether you want to be free from the worry of prescription glasses, are looking to present a new you, or are finally ready for the advantages offered by contact lenses, this summer could be the perfect time to try making the switch! No matter what your vision needs, contact lenses will perfectly suit your needs and help you see everything all summer long.

Is this the summer you make the switch to contact lenses? Request an appointment at Rocky Mountain Eye Center in Pueblo, CO, now!

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