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Telehealth Eye Services

Rocky Mountain Eye Center is pleased to welcome telehealth services to our multi-disciplined eye practice. These virtual visits are advanced options in eye care that help our certified doctors’ video consult with patients throughout all of Southern Colorado.

Individual Care

Private and secure, your one-on-one appointment with an advanced medical professional is personal and thorough.


Provides an appointment choice that aligns with safer-at-home guidelines. Patients can receive care at home, office, and more.

Certified Doctors

Southern Colorado’s top medical eye care providers are available for unified care including online, but also in-person when needed.

Telehealth Best Suits Patients Who Are:

  • High Risk for COVID-19 Infections
    Elderly, with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Respiratory Diseases, Kidney Diseases and for those who are Immune Suppressed
  • Stable Patients with Diabetes, Glaucoma, and Macular Degeneration
  • Patients Needing Prescription Refills
  • Schedule Challenged Patients
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use telehealth?

Many eye conditions can be diagnosed and treated via telehealth.  Digital healthcare is a great option for those with driving difficulties, transportation issues, or high risk infection patients. Telehealth can assist your eye doctor in determining if a personal visit is necessary.

How do I receive telehealth?

Patients can call their nearest provider and schedule an appointment by telephone during standard operational hours. Once scheduled, the patient receives a link through email or text from OTTO two days prior to the appointment. The patient simply follows the link to join the appointment. No APP is required.

What equipment is required to receive telehealth?

Telehealth requires a WiFi connected device to receive a link and participate in an appointment. The patient will need an email address, text-able smart phone, and a PC or smartphone with microphone and camera. Services are available on Google Chrome, Safari, & Firefox browsers.

Is the appointment secure?

Yes. The appointment is confidential and fully HIPAA compliant. No patient information is stored by OTTO.

Is telehealth covered by my insurance?

Necessary prescriptions can be sent electronically to the patient’s email or called into the nearest pharmacy.

Are all doctors at RMEC available through telehealth?

Currently the following doctors can be scheduled for telehealth:

  • Shrestha
  • Blom
  • Rastrelli
  • Stevens
  • Butikofer
  • Schlomer

Is telehealth an option for emergency care?

Telehealth can be used to determine if an eye condition is a true emergency that requires an immediate visit with your eye doctor, or something that can be handled during a routine visit. However, if you suspect a true eye emergency call 800-934-EYES first and the doctor will advise if a telehealth meeting is valuable.

Examples of eye emergencies include:

  • Pain or Redness in the Eye
  • Foreign Objects in the Eye
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Eye Infections
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • New Floaters
  • Onset of Double Vision

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