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Retraction Repair

What is Eyelid Retraction?

Eyelid retraction is the medical term that describes an eye that is too open.  This can be due to an upper lid that is too high or a lower lid that is too low.  Upper lid retraction is most commonly caused by thyroid eye disease, which also commonly features lower lid retraction.  Lower lid retraction can also be caused by aging and gravity, and it is important to correct this at the time of ptosis surgery if present to avoid excessive eye opening.  Too much exposure to the air can lead to problems with dry eyes.

Lid retraction
Upper and Lower Lid Retraction in Thyroid Eye Disease

What is the treatment for eyelid retraction?

Upper eyelid retraction is repaired via an incision on the back of the upper eyelid.  A portion of a muscle called the Mueller muscle is removed and another muscle called the levator aponeurosis is stretched until the lid is at an appropriate height.  Lower eyelid retraction can be performed in several different ways depending on the severity.  If the retraction is causing damage to the front of the eye Dr Hellman may recommend a procedure called a tarsorrhaphy, which connects the outer portion of the upper and lower eyelids.  This can help the eyelids close more easily and protects the front of the eye. Dr. Hellman will discuss the various options at your consultation.  

Repair of upper lid retraction
Pre and Post Repair of Upper Lid Retraction

Is Eyelid Retraction Typically Covered By Most Insurance Policies?

Eyelid retraction repair is usually covered by insurance policies.

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