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Eyelid Lesions

What is an Eyelid Lesion?

An eyelid lesion is a pathological change in the tissue around the eye that in some cases may be discolored from the original skin tone.

Both benign and cancerous lesions can be found around the eyelid.  Less suspicious lesions can usually be removed via excisional biopsy with a simple in office procedure.  The eyelid skin is some of the best healing skin in the body and these usually heal with minimal scarring. 

Does Insurance Pay for the Removal of Most Eyelid Lesions?

Many insurance providers will pay for the removal of eyelid lesions.

Pre lesion repair
Pre Excision Eyelid Lesion and Reconstruction
Post lesion repair
Post Excision Eyelid Lesion and Reconstruction

What is the Treatment for an Eyelid Lesion?

If a lesion is suspicious for malignancy, Dr. Hellman will perform a biopsy to determine if it is cancerous.  Depending on the results, he may refer you to a Mohs surgeon, a dermatologist who specializes in the removal of skin cancers.   The Mohs surgeon will remove the tumor in multiple stages to ensure that all of the malignant tissue has been removed.  Dr. Hellman will then arrange to perform reconstruction of the eyelid.  Alternatively, Dr. Hellman may remove the skin cancer and do the reconstruction during the same surgery.  Reconstruction involves tissue rearrangement or a skin graft to fill the area where the skin cancer was.  Skin grafts use skin from your upper lid, behind your ear, or from your neck to replace the missing skin.  When large portions of the eyelid are missing, Dr. Hellman may take tissue from another eyelid for the repair.

mucinous carcinoma
Mucinous Carcinoma
mucinous carcinoma lower lid
Mucinous Carcinoma After Mohs Excision
Post reconstruction lower lid
Post Reconstruction of Left Lower Lid

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