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Why Premium Lenses are the Best Way to Experience the History of Pueblo After Cataract Surgery

Posted by: Rocky Mountain Eye Center in News on April 13, 2023

With its storied industrial past, Pueblo has been called “Steel City” for good reason! While it is no longer the steel production powerhouse it once was, there are plenty of opportunities for Pueblo residents to see firsthand how steel and other industries shaped the city they call home.

If you are experiencing the sign and symptoms of cataracts, it can be difficult to experience life in Pueblo fully. Cataracts can compromise the quality of your vision with symptoms that include cloudy vision, sensitivity to bright light and glare, and difficulty seeing in low light.

The best way to restore the quality of your vision is cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, the natural lens of your eye, which has become cloudy due to cataracts, is replaced with a clear artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

When choosing an IOL prior to surgery, be aware that you have options! While you can get a standard IOL, premium IOLs offer benefits above and beyond just treating your cataracts!

Keep reading to learn some of the ways in which opting for a premium IOL during cataract surgery can allow you to get the most out of Pueblo’s historic treasures!

Rosemount Museum

At the Rosemount Museum, Pueblo residents can step back in time to see the grandeur that steel money could buy. Built in 1893 as a private residence by John Thatcher, an industrial magnate, “Colorado’s Crown Jewel” was even added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

When visiting a stately home like Rosemont, you’ll want to see all the rich details, from decorative art to stained glass windows. If you are unable to see clearly at both near and far distances, this can mean the inconvenience of using multiple pairs of glasses.

If you are tired of digging through your bag or searching your pockets for the right pair, opting for a premium IOL can finally break your dependence on corrective eyewear. Premium IOLs can correct your vision at two or more distances, while a standard replacement lens can only improve your vision at a single distance, leaving you still dependent on glasses.

There are even premium IOLs can improve your vision at near, intermediate, and far distances. If you have astigmatism, many premium IOLs are available in toric versions, allowing you to take in the splendor of Rosemount with reduced dependence on visual aids!

El Pueblo History Museum

Another fascinating stop on your tour of Pueblo history should include the El Pueblo History Museum. This unique museum showcases the history of the Pueblo area before the development of the industries that changed the landscape of Pueblo forever.

The museum features innovative exhibits that teach visitors about the original inhabitants of “el pueblo,” including the Tabeguache and the Jicarilla Apache First Nations. You can experience pre-industrial life firsthand as you tour a replica of an 1840s adobe trading post and plaza, which went on to become the early foundations of commerce and industry in Pueblo.

Museum exhibits often use bright lights to fully illuminate the items on display. This bright light can cause people with cataracts to see halos and increases their sensitivity to glare. 

Often, even after cataract surgery with a standard IOL, these visual disturbances remain. Premium IOLs are designed with advanced optical technology that can reduce or eliminate irritating halos and glare. 

When you choose a premium IOL, halos and glare won’t stop you from getting the most out of your day of discovery at the El Pueblo Museum.

Pueblo Railway Museum

The history of the railway in Pueblo dates back to 1872 when visionary railroad builder William Jackson Palmer established South Pueblo along his Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. This gave Mr. Palmer easy access to Pueblo’s steel, allowing him to extend his railway empire.

You can learn more about the historical importance of the railway to the development of Pueblo at the Pueblo Railway Museum! This hands-on, outdoor tribute to the “iron horse” allows you to closely examine the descendants of those early steam-powered locomotives.

Seeing the bright red of an early engine car can be hard when you have cataracts. Cataracts can make the once-colorful world around you seem faded or tinted yellow.

If your world suddenly seems drab or off-color, choosing a premium IOL can restore your ability to see life in all its true colors! Premium IOLs not only resolve cloudy vision; their advanced technology can also revive your eyes’ ability to properly see color precisely as it was meant to be seen.

If you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of cataracts, it can affect your ability to enjoy all the opportunities residents have to experience Pueblo’s fascinating past. By choosing a premium IOL when you have cataract surgery, you can enjoy the history of Pueblo with clear, multifocal vision, free of halos and glare, in all its vibrant colors!

Do you want to learn more about premium IOLs or need help determining which one may be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Rocky Mountain Eye Center in Pueblo, CO, today!

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