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6 Places in Pueblo that Improve After a Vision Correction Procedure this Season

Posted by: Rocky Mountain Eye Center in News on November 11, 2022

With the Great Plains to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west, Pueblo has its fair share of beautiful vistas! If you live in Pueblo, you know first-hand all of the natural beauty that lies just beyond your front door.

It can be hard to enjoy Pueblo’s sweeping views and natural wonders if you have vision issues. Whether nearsighted or farsighted, you may have to rely on prescription glasses or contact lenses to see clearly.

Rocky Mountain Eye Center can make your dependence on costly corrective eyewear a thing of the past! We offer vision correction procedures that can improve your vision more than you might have thought possible.

Having clearer vision allows you to enjoy Pueblo’s amazing outdoor recreation options for the better! Here are just 6 of the wild places in Pueblo that you can see in a new light after a vision correction procedure this season:

1. Lake Pueblo State Park

There is almost nothing that Lake Pueblo State Park has to offer outdoor enthusiasts that aren’t made better with clearer vision! Whether you are a hiker, a camper, or a fisherman, the park’s 10,000 acres and 60 miles of shoreline have something for everyone!

Spending a day or a week out in Lake Pueblo State Park is even more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about dragging along your glasses or spare contact lenses. After correcting your vision with LASIK at Rocky Mountain Eye Center, you can spend more time hooking a bass or toasting marshmallows and less time wondering where you put your expensive prescription glasses! 

What’s more, you can take in the calming sights around you with crisper, sharper vision that’s light years better than what you had with visual aids.

2. Pike’s Peak 

One of the most majestic sights you can see from Lake Pueblo State Park is the mighty Pike’s Peak! Though situated approximately 50 miles north of Pueblo, a short hike up the park’s Arkansas Point Trail rewards you with a great view of this snow-capped peak!

Far-off views without the need for corrective eyewear are no problem after LASIK! For 90% of LASIK patients, the outcome is fully restored 20/20 vision or better. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a clear view of Pike’s Peak and all the other sites in between? Having LASIK allows you to make these dreams a reality!

3. Pueblo Municipal Parks

Though perhaps not as wild as a day in the woods, the city parks in Pueblo offer their own kind of outdoor recreation. From simple playgrounds to Pueblo’s famous disc golf course, Pueblo’s parks provide endless opportunities for fun, while the city’s arid and sunny climate means over 300 days to enjoy them!

Pueblo’s climate might be great for recreation, but it can be hard on people with dry eyes. You may not be an ideal candidate for LASIK if you have dry eyes. 

The good news? Here at Rocky Mountain Eye Center, we offer alternative vision correction procedures like PRK, which is often a better choice for patients with dry eyes. After PRK, better vision, even with dry eyes, is as easy as a walk in the park!

4. City Park 

If mountain biking is your thing, you don’t have to go far to find one of the best trails around! Located in one of Pueblo’s municipal parks, the Arkansas River Loop in City Park runs along the Arkansas River. 

At just 3.6 miles, you can participate in a scenic ride without leaving the city! Even a local view deserves exceptional eyesight provided by LASIK. 

LASIK is a quick outpatient procedure with a short recovery time. Rather than languishing in bed, you can get back out biking and doing the things you love. 

The best part? You’ll be back on the trail without cumbersome glasses or finicky contact lenses and with better vision than you’ve ever experienced!

5. Whitewater Park

If you think Pueblo’s too far from an ocean to take up surfing, think again! You can hang ten down a half-mile stretch of Arkansas River at Whitewater Park thanks to eight man-made drops. 

Kayakers are also welcome to test their skills! Whether you are dropping in or paddling out, water sports are much better with clear vision! 

Only some people will be good LASIK candidates. Do you find yourself using reading glasses to see things up close? 

You may have presbyopia. Instead of LASIK, another vision correction procedure like refractive lens exchange (RLE) may be the best way to improve your vision. There’s no reason why you should continue living life held back by reading glasses.

6. Arkansas River Walk

You don’t have to climb a mountain, bike a trail, or surf a river to enjoy the great outdoors in Pueblo! The Arkansas River Walk is the spot for you if you want a relaxed stroll or a leisurely boat ride.

All of the vision-correcting options available at Rocky Mountain Eye Center provide improved vision and decades of restored sight. As you float down the Arkansas, people-watching and enjoying the Colorado sunshine, you can relax, knowing that your clear vision will last a lifetime.

It’s easy to see why people who love the outdoors and nature love to live in Pueblo; it can offer even more to enjoy with clear eyesight! Improving your vision at Rocky Mountain Eye Center with LASIK, PRK, or RLE correction procedures will not only change your sight for the better, but it will also change the way you do the things you love outdoors for the better too!

If you are ready for clearer vision in Pueblo, contact Rocky Mountain Vision Center in Pueblo, CO, today to schedule an appointment to hear more about our vision-correcting procedures!

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