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Wesley Adams, M.D.

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Originally from southern Utah, Dr. Wesley Adams received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City where he graduated as the Outstanding Biology Student for his class. Dr. Adams interned at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. His ophthalmology residency was at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; at that time it was ranked as one of the top 10 clinical training programs in the country.

RMEC’s regional, multi-specialty approach to visual medical care is what attracted Dr. Adams to the healthcare team at Rocky Mountain Eye Center. Before joining RMEC, Dr. Adams served nearly 10 years at Medical Eye Specialists in Bozeman, Montana and a satellite clinic in Livingston, Montana.


Dr. Adams was the first doctor to set-up for and then perform cataract surgeries in the Livingston area. He also served as the President Elect of the Montana Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Adams is well-traveled having lived in Utah, Maine, Southern England, Channel Islands in the United Kingdom, Washington, Montana and now Salida, Colorado. His varied care experience throughout multiple regions and countries brings a unique insight into the RMEC medical practice. He has a strong desire to obtain healthcare equality and heavily advocates for rural communities.

As a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, he is passionate about cataract surgery, staying ahead of advances in care and ongoing education.


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He and his wife love the American West and were driven to Colorado by their desire to raise their 4 children in a rural mountain town. They especially love the mountains, rivers and streams, around Chaffee County and the San Luis Valley, while having access to the amazing San Juans. Dr. Adams is also active in his church and enjoys capturing light through amateur photography.

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What personal history helped you become a better eye doctor?

“I lived with my grandmother my freshman year of college, as she could no longer drive because of macular degeneration. She needed a driver for appointments and shopping. She also needed someone to read the bills, write out checks, and help with other tasks that required good vision. I loved the time with my grandmother, but it also offered me valuable insight into her struggle. As she increasingly needed more assistance, her desire to feel autonomous and maintain some sense of control was evident. That personal experience reminds me that my work as an eye care provider offers more than just better eyesight; it provides dignity and respect for those we love.”

Describe that first time you knew that being an eye care doctor was your calling.

“I decided to apply for medical school because I loved science and enjoyed working with people. My first year in anatomy studying neurology, an ophthalmologist showed our class several videos of cataract surgeries from the late 1970s to now. I was so amazed at how cataract surgery had changed and the power of a microscope, that all of my sensitivity about eyes was replaced with fascination. I began shadowing ophthalmologists and working on summer eye research studies. Today, I still pursue advances in cataract surgery and I am amazed about what is possible in modern eye care.”

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