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Joseph Hartman, O.D.

Dr. Hartman

Dr. Harman’s Specialties Include:



Dr. Hartman is a graduate of Salus University and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  He is recognized for his outstanding volunteer work and has been honored as the Lions Club Member of the Year in 2006. 

He joined Rocky Mountain Eye Center because of his desire to be surrounded by passionate eye care providers that regard patient services as an important part of the customer experience. Being part of a regional, multi-care eye center allows him to provide higher specialized care in an easy, efficient manner for patients. In turn, this partnership helps him provide improved eye care results for those he cares for.  

Dr. Hartman is a Board Certified Optometrist that has practiced eye care nationally and internationally in various clinic settings.


Dr. Hartman’s specialties include:1. Primary Eye Care for adults and Children2. Myopia Management3. Keratoconus4. Contact Lenses5. Double Vision


Dr. Hartman proudly has served:


Dr. Hartman has two young children that keep him busy with life coaching, homework, sporting events and breakfast in the morning. 

You might be surprised to learn he is also a certified sailing instructor! You can find him enjoying many of the water-friendly activities Colorado! When not on the water, hiking makes for a great day.

One on One with Dr. Hartman

What personal history helped you become a better eye doctor? 

“Since childhood I’ve been attracted to being a doctor in a  environment where you can help people without barriers, just focusing on healing. It’s something very special when you can transform someone’s vision and improve their life in the process.”

Where are you from and why did you come to Southern Colorado? 

“I grew up in the Balearic Islands of Spain and after acquiring my doctorate in Pennsylvania, I decided to relocate where the air is clean and the sky is beautiful blue year round. Colorado seemed like the right place for me and my family.”

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