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Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Contact lensContact lens

Our contacts are competitively priced.
You can order contacts on our website.
You can use your credit card over the phone.
We offer rebate bonuses.
When you order a year's supply, we can ship your contacts to your home.
We guarantee our contact lenses.
We file your benefit claims for you.
We offer a generous exchange policy.


The Process

You will need a complete eye exam, which your insurance may cover. If you choose to have contact lenses, you will need to pay for the contact lens fitting fee, which is usually NOT covered by insurance.

You will be given a pair of trial lenses (these might need to be ordered). Trial lenses will not be provided until you have paid your one-time fitting fee.

After wearing you trial pair for 1-2 weeks, you will need to return for a quick check of the correction and the fit. If adjustments are needed, a new trial pair will be given. This will be repeated until the best vision and fit are achieved.

Finally you will be given a copy of your contact lens prescription when the fitting process is complete. It will be valid for one year.


Why Buy an Annual Supply?

We train you on how to use your lensesWe train you on how to use your lenses



Cost is less than purchasing one box at a time.
Money back rebates.
Many manufacturers ship free directly to your home. Saves time and gas.
Regularly changing lenses results in healthier and more comfortable eyes.
Only need to purchase lenses one time per year.
Get 20% discount on eyeglasses with purchase of annual supply.

Ready to Re-order your contact lens from Rocky Mountain Eye Center?
Click HERE to fill out our quick re-order form now!




 For answers to frequently asked questions regarding contact lenses, click HERE.




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