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Let us help you look your best!Let us help you look your best!Oculoplastics or Oculoplastic Surgery

This includes a wide variety of surgical procedures that deal with the orbit (eye socket), eyelids, tear ducts, face and reconstruction of the eye and associated structures. There are also a variety of non-surgical oculoplastic options for cosmetic purposes not related to medical diagnosis or injury.

What is an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists (eye doctors) who have completed one or two years of additional training specializing in eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons are trained to do many different types of eyelid and facial surgery, ranging from simple eyelid malposition to more complex procedures such as the repair of droopy eyelids (blepharoplasty), repair of tear duct obstructions, orbital fracture repairs, removal of tumors in and around the eyes, and eyelid reconstruction.They understand the delicate anatomy and function of the eyelids and their surrounding structures. They also specialize in the lacrimal (tear) system, the orbit (bone cavity around the eye), adjacent periocular (around the eyes) and facial structures and the forehead and cheeks.

Some types of oculoplastic surgery can be considered medically necessary and may be covered by insurance. For instance, certain eyelid and periocular (area around the eye) issues can affect vision, eye comfort, and eye health.
Most oculoplastic surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis, which means you go home the same day and recovery is fairly quick.

Reasons to see an oculoplastic surgeon:

Droopy eyelids that interfere with vision
Diagnosis of entropion or ectropion
Injury to the eye or surrounding area

Dr. John Burroughs here at Rocky Mountain Eye Center specializes in various types of Oculoplastic Surgery.

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