Monday, 16 October 2017
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Monthly Eye Observance - October

Practice Eye SafetyPractice Eye Safety October is National Eye Injury Prevention Month

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (, accidental eye injury is the leading cause of visual impairment in the United States. More than one million people suffer from eye injuries each year in the United States. Ninety percent of these injuries could have been prevented if the individual had been wearing appropriate protective eyewear (preferably, with polycarbonate lenses).

Prevention is the first and most important step in protecting your eyes from injuries, so be sure to protect your eyes with appropriate protective eyewear. If you do experience an eye injury, seek medical attention promptly.



According to Prevent Blindness America (, here are some helpful reminders when it comes to preventing eye injuries at home:

Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
Provide lights and handrails to improve safety on stairs.
Use guards on all power equipment.
Do not mix cleaning agents.
Keep paints, pesticides, fertilizers and similar products properly stored in a secure area.
Keep your tools in good condition; damaged tools should be repaired or replaced.
Use occupant restraints such as infant and child safety seats, booster seats, safety belts and shoulder harnesses in cars.
Pad or cushion sharp corners and edges of home furnishings.
Inspect and remove debris from lawns before mowing.
Read and follow all manufacturer instructions and warning labels.
Wear chemical safety goggles when using hazardous materials.
Wear safety glasses or dust goggles to protect against flying particles, and chemical goggles to guard against exposure to fertilizers and pesticides.
Leave personal-use items (cosmetics, toiletry products), kitchen utensils and desk supplies where they are not easily accessible to children.
Install cabinet and drawer locks in kitchens and bathrooms.
Keep toys intended for older children away from younger children.
Keep BB guns away from kids.